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About us

The CC vision enhances the internal culture and maintains CC's reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor and an active community member.

Our services

We are one of Pakistan's construction Companies, known for our well-recognized ability to deliver projects with exceptional quality on time and budget and for our extensive fleet of tools and plants.

Project management

CC's staff provide guidence and assitence from Estimating and feasibility contents, Market Anylsis constructability reviews, Cost and quality control and construction from bottom to top of your project.

Founded in 2001


About Our Company

The CC vision enhances the internal culture, and maintains MSCC’s reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor and an active community member.

Our vision is to become the leading construction service provider in Pakistan and reach out to International markets and become a globally recognized and trusted entity. To reach this goal we strive to be the best bidder and to deliver the highest standard of quality.

Industrial 90%
Construction 80%
Remodeling 70%


Success Through Teamwork

Since its creation as a company in a highly-competitive construction market of Pakistan, Astral’s business model has been to focus on the principle of collective, people-driven responsibility and achievement. Based on this model, our organic growth has developed Astral into a company with a rather unconventional process-driven and structured employee-friendly corporate culture.
Individual ability, regardless of age, sex, family background, ethnicity, etc, is the driver of individual and corporate growth. Employees and management interact with each other on that basis as a team at the corporate level and on individual projects. Principles of self-discipline rather than mistrust and policing dominate our company culture. Systems provide the definition, guideline and standards, but we understand that in execution, quality comes from within the individual.
Externally, each of us is fully cognizant that they are the face of the company. Our customer is always priority 1. We understand that our customer is not in the construction business but timely completion of his project can represent a make-or-break situation for his business. We do our best to advise our client about issues identified by our people during construction, whether it is due to causes outside of our scope or due to weaknesses in our implementation, as if the client is part of the team. Client satisfaction is the essence of our business.

About Us